Demonstrating that Martial Arts Can Change Your Life

As students advance in rank from white to black belt, 
they will gain valuable knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime.
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After School Pick-Up Program

Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts is a local martial arts studio serving students in the Orlando area. We embrace traditional teaching with a modern twist, but without loosing the discipline and respect. We focus on developing the mind and body, making our spirit stronger!

Extra Program Options

Students who have excelled in class, show positive leadership skills, are highly motivated and show a passion for the art will be invited to participate in this program.

*Students must maintain above average academics at school.

We believe that field trips are a great way for students to bond outside of the dojo.

Plus it gives parents time to catch up on daily responsibilities.

Activities Include:

Park Trips, Movie Trips, Roller Skating, Bowling and More

4th Annual Halloween Party

We Love Our Annual Parties Like Our Halloween Party Coming Up. Click Here To Sign Up

We would appreciate any supplies, sides or drinks. Call the school for more details.

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